Monday, 16 April 2012

Just a couple of weeks to go.

Well, mid April already.  Two weeks only to major adventure number 1 of 2012 and just about all the stuff that required major attention and major planning (or worry!) is now behind us.  A while since I posted, so about time I added something.

Obviously this blog won’t really kick off until we do start travelling and I know that most of the followers are probably via the cruise fraternity (or potential cruise fraternity) and family and friends, but there may be motorsport followers - for the first part anyway.

Our NZ classic race season ended April 1st with our own race meeting at Hampton Downs and for me, a less than 100% attendance as the cruising took out two rounds, but my definition of a good race meeting is being able to drive the car away afterwards.  Ditto for a season, so on that basis, it was  a good season...

Somehow, I was landed with the job out sorting out sourcing the shirts, hats and also designing the logo for the shirts and they have been completed and John has despatched them.

We go with a group of friends to see the “Jersey Boys” show here in Auckland in a few days and then it is count down time for the final week.

Whilst in the UK, we’ll meet up with our good friend, former Road Manager for the Chris Barber Jazz Band, and take in a concert.

Meanwhile, young grandson Noah continues to make great progress – as does his hair, which is now just about long enough for a pony tail!  Catching up with family and friends is always great, but for the casual blog follower, we’ll try and post a few pics of the places we visit with any useful information when possible.

We haven’t really absorbed too many details of the cruise that follows end July, but one thing I have learned and a very useful tip for those intending cruising  any time in the next few years –  if you have the option of the larger (72 page) British Passport, get it! The extra cost may well be worth it.   Mine isn’t really due for renewal until 2016, but it now has acquired so many stamps, visas and permits over the last year or so, that it is almost full.  Bearing in mind the Indian Visa requires two clear pages and we are due again (for just one day) next year, that is four pages used up, for just three days.  China also requires a visa in advance so that is one job we have to do as soon as we get back.  Fortunately, we only have to go across town to sort that out, but always a hefty additional travel cost.

I probably won’t post again until we travel, so, happy reading from now on.