Wednesday, 4 January 2012

January 2012

Well, the 2011 blog has now been completed (at long last...), finishing off with our comparison between the Dawn Princess and the Diamond Princess.
So, I thought I may as well make a start for 2012. Fewer cruise days than 2011 but that doesn't mean it will be any the less interesting - well, interesting being a relative term of course.
We kick off at the end of April...  We head for Venice (via Singapore and Dubai) where we catch up with the rest of our 50 strong group.  After a couple of nights in Venice, we head over to Maranello, home to Ferrari.  Whilst there, we are hoping to visit the factory along with the Maserati and Lamborghini factories, before heading to the South of France, just beyond Monaco.
Four days in Monaco taking in the racing, then to Paris for three days, before catching the Eurostar to London, where we will do our own thing, before flying back via Los Angeles, early June.
Then, we are cruising again, on the Dawn Princess in July, doing half the Grand Circle, Pacific, before flying back from San Francisco.
As if that wasn't enough, we already have our cruise plans in place for 2013!